Farm Information

While the towns and churches are important
to know and understand, the history of the
homes tell so much more of the family you are

How the farms start, change and disappear
makes them much like a person. They are
touched and changed by their occupants.
Even the outside world impacts the face of the
home and farm. Understanding that helps to
give a broader picture of the family you search

England Tobitt Family Farms:

Dorking -  

Ewhurst -

Ockley -  Parkland Farm

Loxwood - Drungswick Farm
                   Bulhams Farm
                    Stones Gardens

Wisborough Green -  Hills Green
                                    Sole Farm
                                    Stroodland Farm
                                    Mackerels House or

Kirdford - Three Lands End Farm
               Grand and Little Slifehurst Farm
                Howick Farm
                Kirdford Workhouse

Checkendon Henley  - Neals Farm

Cavesham Reading -

Hawkhurst, Kent-  Fowlers Park Farm
                             Gun Green

England Farm and Home Histories