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Throughout our research for Family history we find traces of each
person through government documents.

It is the law that all Births, Marriages and Deaths be recorded. Like
wise There are many other documents that contain information about a
person. Service records, Wills, Deeds, Court Hearings, newspaper
articles and Obituaries; just to name a few.

One of the most interesting of these documents are the Census sheets.
Every 10 years, the government takes a count of all the people in the
country. This count not only provides the family structure, but it also
includes other information. Occupation, race,relation to head of family,
Age, where born, where parents were born, and size or value of
property. Each census asks different questions, like can the person
read or Are they retarded? The questions vary.

Another interesting aspect of the Census is that you can see the
neighbors of your family members. In several cases, I have been able
to put together information from these relationships. Like where names
were given after neighbors or the names of the house. Where
marriages were joined by neighbors and so on.

The Census documents are truly a wealth of information, but you have
to read and study them to find the real jewels of your research.

Specific points on researching Census:
Look at neighbors
Notice addresses
Pay close attention to the extra questions
Note the birth location of the person and their
Certificates and Documents